Yoga buddies and good friends say goodbye with a photo session


These two beautiful girls decided to get together for a photo session to celebrate their friendship. One of these cuties is headed out of town for a semester abroad. Even though the goodbye is just for a short 3 months, these besties are going to miss each other tremendously.

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Frozen Family Photo Session


Although the sun made it look deceptively warm out, as we headed to the hills of the Poudre Canyon, the temperatures rapidly dropped. We decided to brave the cold temperatures and take photos while we actually had time. It seems with everyone coming and going, it difficult these days to get photographs of both of my boys together.

Frozen Family Photo Session2017-12-12T00:46:14+00:00

Family Photo session in the snow


It's not even officially winter yet, but we've already had several snowstorms. Most of them have been fairly mild, but yesterday we got around 8" or so where I live in Loveland, Colorado. It became a snow day for many. These photos were taken a few days before the big storm while we had just a sprinkling of snow. This sure is a good

Family Photo session in the snow2017-12-12T00:47:14+00:00

Baby Christmas photo session


What could be cuter than a baby in a  bucket with a santa hat? This little sweetie is 3 months old and he's looking forward to his first Christmas! Doesn't he have the most beautiful and expressive eyes?!

Baby Christmas photo session2017-12-12T00:48:27+00:00
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